Eclipse BonitaSoft 6.3.1 Installation

Bonita Engine: MySQL 5.6 is accepted?

Hi people,

I would like to know if there is any inconvenience in use MySQL 5.6 as configured database in Bonita Enginge (6.3.x Tomcat distribution).

In that case, what do you recommend me? Use MySQL 5.5 or PostgreSQL 9.1?

Thanks in advance,

Installing 6.3.1 on Ubuntu

I am new and trying to install 6.3.1 on Ubuntu. Some time back, I had 6.2 which was fine till a Java update made it stop.

I tried installing 6.3.1. The installation went fine but at the end, there was an error message. After that BonitaSoft wont launch.

Can anyone please assist?

Error Message: