Retrieve all tasks with their BDM values in one API


I have a list of tasks (~1000) and I'm trying to sort them with respect to their BDM values and a comparator function. For this, I'm iterating through each task, through an API for each task I'm retrieving it's BDM data, and with respect to this I'm sorting it. This takes a lot of time and is not practical. Is there a way I can decrease the number of API calls, get all tasks with their BDM values in one API call itself which could help me out?


Could not resolve artifact org.bonitasoft.web

Get this error if try create Api rest extension:


I tried to measure the time it takes to load a form when the user finishes clicking the submit button. Is it possible to do with groovy script?
Since the time is needed to realize the ISO 9126 standard part of the efficiency according to the response time.