How to make a configure a dynamic email address in the email connector?


I want to configure the recipient (To:) in my email connector in such a way that it uses the "email" attribute from my BDM to select the email address of the recipient.

How can I do this? Any help is much appreciated.



How to resend an email after the email connector has failed?

Hi, I have a couple of questions.

  • Is there any way to retry sending an email after the email connector has failed?
  • How can I know if the sending of an email was successful?

I am using Bonita Studio Community 7.12.1 and the email connector.

generate document list in emails


In my process, I retrieve some documents provided by the user (List of documents) and I can generate 0 or several .docx files (Single Document).

At some point, I have to send an email with the provided and generated files. To do so, I created a script in the attach file part of the email connector :

Send an email with Dynamic Table content displayed in it's Body

Good morning ,

So here is the case :

-I want to figure out how to include a table (template that is gonna be filed with dynamic information retrieved from a backend service) in the body of an email sent from Bonita for different users (maybe we will use a connector in this case).

-The content of the table must be displayed in the body of the mail , not as an attachment.

Is there any suggestions to achieve this ?