email notification

How to create mail notification task inside a process using BPM Java API?

I'm new to Bonita BPM Java API; I want to create a process on the fly from my web app with some tasks and a notification mail should send at the end of the process.

Can somebody please help with any sample application in latest version (Bonita 7.5) OR documentation to how to create connector and send mail at the end of the process.

Timer Event


I've situation where i must send email notification to user. That email was intended to notify the user to renew their contract. This email must be sent 6 moth earlier prior the end date. I try to avoid any human involvement in this task. But i'm blank here because i cant use timer event on service task.

  1. Is there any best solution to solve this matter
  2. Is it still possible not to involve any human in this task