How to resend an email after the email connector has failed?

Hi, I have a couple of questions.

  • Is there any way to retry sending an email after the email connector has failed?
  • How can I know if the sending of an email was successful?

I am using Bonita Studio Community 7.12.1 and the email connector.

Number of pending tasks of a user


I'm trying to create a process where a user can specify a number of pending task and days so he receives a notification after that number of days while he has X number of tasks.

For that I'm trying to get the number of pending tasks of the user with getNumberOfPendingHumanTaskInstances(userID) where userID is the ID of the user. I'm trying to save the resulting long in a Process Variable but it's throwing this error and I'm not sure what's up:

Email After Some Date


I want to send email after some date. For example, user sets date to 31.07.2020 and I want to send email when this date is passed. Can I do it and how?

Thanks in advance

Multiple users to perform action

Hello. I am newby in bonita bpm and trying to learn about it in practice. So, i decided to implemet some proccess to figure everything up.

So, i wonder if there is any way to implement multiple execution of some logic for multiple users. I am trying to create something like this:

Imagine process: some process initiate start of auction, where any (or some) user can place bet. Then the highets bet wins, and process goes to the winner.

How to create mail notification task inside a process using BPM Java API?

I'm new to Bonita BPM Java API; I want to create a process on the fly from my web app with some tasks and a notification mail should send at the end of the process.

Can somebody please help with any sample application in latest version (Bonita 7.5) OR documentation to how to create connector and send mail at the end of the process.

Email Notification

Hello everyone,

I tried to send notifications to email and have been successfully sent, the process I do is Vacation Request, and I'm need to send notifications when rejected or approved the request, but must be you customize notifications must carry information on what has entered the user name, dates chosen, among others. All this information is stored in my data model.
Should display in the mail something like the following: