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Engine API not working with Bonita docker container (v7.8.3)


I'm trying to write some Java script that uses Bonita engine API to interact with a Bonita docker container. The docker-compose file and the Java code are as follows.

docker-compose.yml: (followed instructions on https://hub.docker.com/_/bonita)

Bonita 7 - Get history of archived process instance

Some processes have more than 1 end event. I want to know, given an archived process instance, which was the end event that happeded there.

Is it possible through API?
I tryed using: searchArchivedFlowNodeInstances

And I couldn't get that info from there. I also checked the all the "arch" tables from the db and did't find info either.

Bonita 7 - Get process instance by variable

For what I saw, Bonita does not use "businessId" or "correlation key" to map process instance id to an external id.

To achieve that I was thinking of adding a variable to the process "businessId". However, I could not find a way to get a process instance by a variable value.

Is there a way to do that?

Find users in a group having a role in another group

In my organization, roles are used to describe a user job. For instance I could have an IT role in /acme.

Now I am trying to find all the users in the HR Group (I have its id) that have a given role in /acme

Is there a way to build such a query using SearchOptionsBuilder or should I iterate over the users in HR Group to apply my second filter?

If not... well that would be a nice addition!

Get the list of process instances variables

Hi everyone,

I want to get the list of variables of the current instance using Bonita Engine API, I want to put all process variables into a comment.

Thank you :)

communicating between process

Thanks for reading and at least trying to help

I have some difficulties to work with two process.

The first has a task which 'lock' the process while 'things' are not done in the second.

The second do some validation things and then I try to :

  • update business data in the first process
  • end the 'waiting' task
  • make the first process continue to next task regarding the validation done by the second

I try to do this with Apiaccessor in a groovy script

Bonita engine API: How can I disable cleanup the database on restarting the server?


I'm using the Engine api, as in the example in github " embeded engine example ". but i discover that it cleanup all my processes after all server restart.

org.bonitasoft.engine.api.impl.LocalServerAPIFactory.getServerAPI(LocalServerAPIFactory.java:30) with TenantAPIAccessor.getLoginAPI()

Hi, I am using Bonita BPM 6.4 and running BonitaBPMCommunity-6.4.2-Tomcat-7.0.55 my java version is jdk1.7.0_45 and windows 7 when calling this code for engine api

        final LoginAPI loginAPI = TenantAPIAccessor.getLoginAPI();
        APISession session = loginAPI.login(userName, password);
        ProcessAPI processAPI = TenantAPIAccessor.getProcessAPI(session);

From Netbeans java file I am getting the error Below , I am very despere to get it working please help with a solution. Thanks