Initiate a process

I would like to start a process using webservice call. Is it possible in Bonita Soft. Appreciate if anyone can help with some example.

Also is there anyway a Message Event can start a process without depending on any other process. Is there any example of how to do it.

I have seen this video but the message event (Pool 2) is derived from the first pool.

Here is the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sbi_BrRWBY0

Would be grateful if someone can help with these.

Thanks in Advance

Send a message event via REST API


I have questions regarding a 7.8 new feature : the ability to send a message event via REST API.

Here's my need :
During the lifecycle of a case, I need to wait at a given point for an external backend to send back data for defining the assignee of the next task. The assignee differ from case to case.

I thought about using a receive message task (or event, I couldn't find the difference). Then the backend will send a message event (using REST API ) with the necessary data for the case to move forward.

start process per message

I'm trying to start a different process when a given process sends a message to this process, could they help me set up a message event for both sending and receiving? I did what was in the documentation but it did not work

Start Timer NullPointerException - Possible Bug

Hello Everyone again,

We have created a process which is started by a Start Timer every 5 minutes. The process uses a DAO object to find new records. If no records are found, the process ends. If not, a case goes on.

This works perfectly in Studio. The first time we deployed the process to a Bonita Server Bundle (Tomcat), the process worked ok. Then we made some adjustments, deleted the process and deployed it again (always in version 1.00).

Is there an on-page connector element/diagram when creating the workflow?

Good Day,

I have a workflow with 5 tasks (A, B, C, D, E). When the user starts the process the form for task A is initially displayed. I have buttons in the form to indicate the next task to be performed -- next task can either be B C D E. Each task would contain buttons to navigate through the 5 tasks. Each task would also have a Submit and Cancel button. My current workflow is so cluttered already. Is there an on-page connector or other similar elements we can use to simplify/de-clutter the diagram.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Alfred Ayson

Is it possible to write to a table from inside an Event Handler class?

How do I write to a table from inside an Event Handler class? I need to make an insert from an event handler.

For example:
package com.company.event;

import java.util.UUID;

Failed to use a business model data in a throw/catch event

I fail to add a Business data variable as an item of a thrown message event.
If I use only String values, it's OK but the process fails when the content item is a business variable or a list.
I created 2 entities (BDM) :
- Entity property with 2 String properties (label and value) : Hashmap <String, String>
- Entity with some String properties and a multiple (List) of Entity properties
I did it the same way as shown in the "Expense report" tutorial (expense report and report lines)

I can not cancel or delete a timer event. HELP

I have a case running like in a loop and I can't stop or delete. I'm using bonita 5.9 jboss bundle. os Red hat, oracleXE 11g.
When I see the log I figured out this 3 errors happen when I try to delete or cancel the case: