Troubleshoot API message (not) matching

I have a process that is working fine.

It contains a Node that I know is running (sending an email) followed by an int. message "catch event".

I created a second process that is throwing the expected message and things work all fine. My message expects a correlation with 3 keys: 2 strings and an integer.

I am now trying to use the API and throw the same message using the REST API. My request runs fine and I do receive a status 204. I know that my POST request is received as I see new entries in the engine logs every time I send a message.

How can I prevent timers start event scheduled with a cron to resume missed events after a scheduled downtime?


I have a process that is set on a schedule using "Start Event" with a "Start Timer" using a cron schedule "0 0/5 * 1/1 * ? *" to run the process every 5 minutes of every day.

When I have a scheduled system downtime and the Bonita app server is completely shut down, the process stops, but when the servers start back up, it will immediately fire off events to start the process X number of times depending upon the length of the downtime.

For example, the server is down for 17 minutes, immediately 3 instances of the process are kicked off.

Initiate a process

I would like to start a process using webservice call. Is it possible in Bonita Soft. Appreciate if anyone can help with some example.

Also is there anyway a Message Event can start a process without depending on any other process. Is there any example of how to do it.

I have seen this video but the message event (Pool 2) is derived from the first pool.

Here is the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sbi_BrRWBY0

Would be grateful if someone can help with these.

Thanks in Advance

Send a message event via REST API


I have questions regarding a 7.8 new feature : the ability to send a message event via REST API.

Here's my need :
During the lifecycle of a case, I need to wait at a given point for an external backend to send back data for defining the assignee of the next task. The assignee differ from case to case.

I thought about using a receive message task (or event, I couldn't find the difference). Then the backend will send a message event (using REST API ) with the necessary data for the case to move forward.

start process per message

I'm trying to start a different process when a given process sends a message to this process, could they help me set up a message event for both sending and receiving? I did what was in the documentation but it did not work

Start Timer NullPointerException - Possible Bug

Hello Everyone again,

We have created a process which is started by a Start Timer every 5 minutes. The process uses a DAO object to find new records. If no records are found, the process ends. If not, a case goes on.

This works perfectly in Studio. The first time we deployed the process to a Bonita Server Bundle (Tomcat), the process worked ok. Then we made some adjustments, deleted the process and deployed it again (always in version 1.00).

Is there an on-page connector element/diagram when creating the workflow?

Good Day,

I have a workflow with 5 tasks (A, B, C, D, E). When the user starts the process the form for task A is initially displayed. I have buttons in the form to indicate the next task to be performed -- next task can either be B C D E. Each task would contain buttons to navigate through the 5 tasks. Each task would also have a Submit and Cancel button. My current workflow is so cluttered already. Is there an on-page connector or other similar elements we can use to simplify/de-clutter the diagram.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Alfred Ayson

Is it possible to write to a table from inside an Event Handler class?

How do I write to a table from inside an Event Handler class? I need to make an insert from an event handler.

For example:
package com.company.event;

import java.util.UUID;

Failed to use a business model data in a throw/catch event

I fail to add a Business data variable as an item of a thrown message event.
If I use only String values, it's OK but the process fails when the content item is a business variable or a list.
I created 2 entities (BDM) :
- Entity property with 2 String properties (label and value) : Hashmap <String, String>
- Entity with some String properties and a multiple (List) of Entity properties
I did it the same way as shown in the "Expense report" tutorial (expense report and report lines)

I can not cancel or delete a timer event. HELP

I have a case running like in a loop and I can't stop or delete. I'm using bonita 5.9 jboss bundle. os Red hat, oracleXE 11g.
When I see the log I figured out this 3 errors happen when I try to delete or cancel the case: