event handling

AssignedId is 0 in my event listener after I assign a User (assignUserTaskIfNotAssigned ) to my Human Activity

I can register a Event Listener, also I am receiving events with:

eventService.addHandler("HUMAN_TASK_INSTANCE_ASSIGNEE_UPDATED", this);

I convert my event object to

SUserTaskInstanceImpl userTaskInstance = (SUserTaskInstanceImpl) event.getObject();

I have a Unit Test to assign a User to my Human Task, works well and even fire an event in my custom event listener

Can I can my code when a timer event fires?

Newbie question

Looking to integrate Bonita in our products. I need to be able to call back (local Java method is fine) to my own code in order to process the event, e.g. send email to users. I have had a good look over the doc and there is nothing obvious, do you have to create a custom connector or event handler? It seems like there should be something built in with a generic JSON client which I could implement the server end of.

How to write on database at the end of a process? [SOLVED]

Hi, I am using Bonita BPM and i developed an API extension. I also added a postgres db storing business data (products and so), leaving to Bonita the process handling.
My environment involves two processes:
- the main process
- a subprocess

My issue is the following:
what's the right way to trigger an update to my database each time the subprocess instance is completed? I would like to, say, change the state of the product involved in the subprocess.