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Throw-Catch Signal to close a task in the same case

Hello there!

Am using Bonita 7. My requirement is to close task A when task B is closed. So, I have place a throw signal on the output flow from task B and attached a catch signal to task A. The problem is when task B is closed in one case, all the catch signals in all the cases created for this process are being fired and all task As are being closed, which is not correct.

Throw and catch signal don't function correctly 6.3.1

I'm stuck with this problem ... i tried to use an "AND GATEWAY" there but couldn't use it , so I am trying to use event - signals to make pools wait for each other and I am not being able to do that either! any suggestion may help thanks

that's my diagram model https://www.mediafire.com/?5hqfio61i0ay1mv