I want to add custom Tasks and custom Events to the software

I am a student and it is my first project with Bonita, could you help me please !!cry_smile.png.

and the project is to add the notation elements of the BPMN extension uBPMN to the BPM Bonita (new custom Tasks and custom Events and a Smart Object ) ( in Bonita Version : 2021.1 ,Build id :

I didn't know where to begin so i tried with (Build Bonita from sources ) is it the right way ?????

How to write on database at the end of a process? [SOLVED]

Hi, I am using Bonita BPM and i developed an API extension. I also added a postgres db storing business data (products and so), leaving to Bonita the process handling.
My environment involves two processes:
- the main process
- a subprocess

My issue is the following:
what's the right way to trigger an update to my database each time the subprocess instance is completed? I would like to, say, change the state of the product involved in the subprocess.

Can a task wait for catch event to occur?

I have a process like this:
Start -> Throw Message -> Catch Message -> Task1 -> end

And another like this:
CatchEventStart -> Task12 -> ThrowEventEnd

So "Throw Message" sends a message to "CatchEventStart" then ** "Task12"** does something and in the end "TrhowEventEnd" **send a message to ** "Catch Message"

Trigger intermediate event based on dynamic value

Hi guys,

I was wondering how one would go about triggering an intermediate event based on a dynamic boolean value fetched from a db on a script task.

Any thoughts?

Message between pools doesn't work if message value type is Integer (BPM6.2.2)


I have one pool finishing with an End Message and another pool starting with a start message. I have one message with one value between the two elements.

If I run my process with a message communicating a Text value it works fine but if I want to send an Integer value the message doesn't go through.

Is it normal?

I haven't tested other data types.


Multiple message recipients


correlating intermediate messages only a single instace is processed (even multiple instances match the correlation condition. seems ok - in the documentation it's stated the intermediate messages are intended for point-to-point communication). Signals are actually received by ALL listening instances.

Is there a way to correlate signal events? (so only a subset of instancess will process it). Or let the signal carry some data..

Thanks .. Gabriel