¿Hay alguna forma de almacenar los campos de una variable de proceso en un excel?

He realizado un proceso y estoy interesada en que, al terminar, dichos datos se exporten en un excel. ¿Hay alguna forma de conseguirlo? Gracias.

import excel in bonita studio

Hi everyBody

I have an Excel file where the data is stored inside it. And I want to bring it inside Bonita studio. how can i import this file to bonita?

Import Excel or CSV file and apply data validation and complex business rules to the data with BPMN on Bonitasoft, is possible?

Hello fellow Bonita users!

I want to know if is possible to have an interface to import Excel or CSV files, to validate each record (type and format, white spaces, etc) and, the most important thing, to apply to each row several complex rules using BPMN in order to achieve some result based on each row records.

On the company we are very interested in to give a try to this technology, will be useful if any give us a clue if have any experience related.

thanks in advance.

Export report to Excel format

I was searching how to export from Jasper reports to Excel format, but with no success. I only found this site: http://www.evoketechnologies.com/blog/exporting-bonitasoft-bpm-reports-m... but it was not entirely useful, nor descriptive. I tried the steps and at the end, didn't work. My Bonita version is 6.3.7.

Is it any jar already existing that provides this functionality? or is there a more useful guide to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

[Solved] How to populate table/grid


As a newby in using Bonita, I am getting a little confused here when trying to populate a grid in version 6.2

I have the following groovy code the get some values from an Excel file:

Look at the Actual State of a current process

I'm starting some projects on bonita 6.0.4 but something that users complaint is that they still have to carry on with the old spreadsheet to visually and clearly see the state of a process, i would like to change that with a googledoc spreadsheet if it's possible, if not i think of loading an excel spreadsheet with some database information with the connector and a macro but that's messy. What do you suggest of doing?

Comment récupérer les données saisies dans les formulaires et les stocker dans un fichier excel?

Bonjour, Comment récupérer les données saisies dans les formulaires et les stocker dans un fichier excel?


Editable Grid - SelectBox / Remove lines

Hi Community,

So, I have a new task here at office that consists in showing at the screen an 'Excel Like' table. This table must be filled, each line, with some DB stuff. No big deal so far.

However, there is always a problem. :)

One of the steps of my process must be a manager who see this table and 'erase' some lines to send it to a supervisor who will 'erase' another lines. Then there will be a final approval.

The best thing I've found to do that is by an Editable grid. But I have 2 problems: