logicalGroup2 sql exception

In our environment we are having multiple sql exceptions that reference the column logicalGroup2

Ill share with you a fragment of Bonita BPM logs:

Why do I get an error when building the Business Data Model for Getting Started tutorial?

I am working my way through the Bonita 7.7 getting-started-tutorial. I have installed version Bonita Community Edition Version 7.7.2.

When I click finish on Manage Business Data Model dialogue box, the Deploy Failed box appears.

Among a lot of other stuff, it says, "org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: NULL not allowed for column "DESTINATION"; SQL statement: alter table TRAVELREQUEST add column DESTINATION varchar(255) not null [23502-175]

The data has a definition for each TravelRequest. All the data is displayed when I Preview the page.


Hi all,
I am working with a connector to fetch data from an external db and to save it using a JsonBuilder.
The excerpt of the groovy script looks like this:

Connector return value exception: com.thoughtworks.xstream.mapper.CannotResolveClassException

Hi @all

Env: Win7-32Bit/Bonita BPM Community Edition 6.5.0/Java 8

I created a connector which calls a service class that uses JPA to query the DB and returns a POJO. When I test the connector, querying the DB (with usage of persistence.xml) works ok, but when connector is closed (or whatever is its state within the BPM) and the result ist returned I get the following exception:


Salut à tous, lors du lancement du dev d'un connector, j'ai une ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException qui est levée. Je n'ai pas de stacktrace dans les logs. Comment y avoir accès ? Merci :)

Connect to remote engine via Java API throw Exception (6.x)

I have one Java application standalone trying connect to one remote engine (Bonita JBOSS Bundle 6.x), but I get one Exception. I am using two jar for the conection: bonita-client-6.0.2 and bonita-common-6.0.1.jar.

Please, continue read the quesion on stackoverflow ---> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22158813/connect-to-remote-engine-via-java-api-throw-exception-6-x