Java Project Dependency not recognized - NoClassDefFoundException

I have a Java Project with Objects and Classes to use in Connectors in Bonita Studio. I see the class definitions when I initialize eg a Pool Variable and can select my class type. Whenever I use something from that jar in a Java Connector inside Bonita Studio I run into NoClassDefFoundException when executing the process.

How can I use custom Objects and Classes in Bonita Connectors?

Service task failed after giving value to object list (nullPointerException) what can cause this error? (log in desc)

I have a problem with my process, to be honest it worked fine for months... So i think there is something else causing the the task to fail.

I have an object list business data, in the operation i set "takes value of", and create a list of these objects, at the end of the groovy script before i return the list, i write the size of the list in the log, and it is fine, other logings are done as well, it looks like everything is good. However after the size in the log this happens and my task fails:

logicalGroup2 sql exception

In our environment we are having multiple sql exceptions that reference the column logicalGroup2

Ill share with you a fragment of Bonita BPM logs:

Why do I get an error when building the Business Data Model for Getting Started tutorial?

I am working my way through the Bonita 7.7 getting-started-tutorial. I have installed version Bonita Community Edition Version 7.7.2.

When I click finish on Manage Business Data Model dialogue box, the Deploy Failed box appears.

Among a lot of other stuff, it says, "org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: NULL not allowed for column "DESTINATION"; SQL statement: alter table TRAVELREQUEST add column DESTINATION varchar(255) not null [23502-175]

The data has a definition for each TravelRequest. All the data is displayed when I Preview the page.


Hi all,
I am working with a connector to fetch data from an external db and to save it using a JsonBuilder.
The excerpt of the groovy script looks like this:

Connector return value exception: com.thoughtworks.xstream.mapper.CannotResolveClassException

Hi @all

Env: Win7-32Bit/Bonita BPM Community Edition 6.5.0/Java 8

I created a connector which calls a service class that uses JPA to query the DB and returns a POJO. When I test the connector, querying the DB (with usage of persistence.xml) works ok, but when connector is closed (or whatever is its state within the BPM) and the result ist returned I get the following exception:


Salut à tous, lors du lancement du dev d'un connector, j'ai une ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException qui est levée. Je n'ai pas de stacktrace dans les logs. Comment y avoir accès ? Merci :)

Connect to remote engine via Java API throw Exception (6.x)

I have one Java application standalone trying connect to one remote engine (Bonita JBOSS Bundle 6.x), but I get one Exception. I am using two jar for the conection: bonita-client-6.0.2 and bonita-common-6.0.1.jar.

Please, continue read the quesion on stackoverflow ---> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22158813/connect-to-remote-engine-via-java-api-throw-exception-6-x