Exporting organization from portal


On exporting the organization from the portal, the passwords of the users are hashed in the XML. But when importing it into the studio, the users' passwords are replaced by their hash, which causes problems. Is there any way of importing an organization into the studio and not replacing their passwords?


Export bdm from Bonita Platform

Can we export the bdm.zip from the Bonita Platform Server?


Export/Import sur Bonita Studio Community 7.8


devant partager un diagramme avec d'autres personnes, j'ai essayé 3 méthodes pour le transférer :

  • clic droit sur le diagramme > Exporter > laisser uniquement la case "diagramme cochée" > Terminer et l'importer sur le 2ème PC Fichier > Importer > Archive BOS
    => message d'erreur "Créé avec une édition Souscription, incompatible avec cette édition Communauté" alors que j'ai bien la même version sur les 2 ordis

    Bonita Community Edition
    Version : 7.8.0
    Build id : 7.8.0.

Export as picture: how to improve the bad quality of the export?


I am using Community edition 7.5.2, and the pictures generated by Bonista are particulary of bad quality, full of aliasing in jpeg and png.

Am I missing a setting or something? (yes, the jpeg is set to 100% quality)

Export as PNG / PDF / JPG... Word truncate

When I export BPM as image, text on connector are truncated.

Printing / exporting a diagram

I'd like to change my page size to 11X17, but I can't seem to find where to select paper size. Then I tried export the file as either a jpg or png, but I get an error pop up that just states null.

Can't export diagram to image : reason null


I'm using Bonita 7.0.1 on a Mac and I want to export my diagram to an image.

I tried to export it from the "Export as" > "Image" menu action but no matter the format I select, I always get the following error :

Copy Diagram to Image File could not be completed Reason null

Do you know how I could solve this?


Export report to Excel format

I was searching how to export from Jasper reports to Excel format, but with no success. I only found this site: http://www.evoketechnologies.com/blog/exporting-bonitasoft-bpm-reports-m... but it was not entirely useful, nor descriptive. I tried the steps and at the end, didn't work. My Bonita version is 6.3.7.

Is it any jar already existing that provides this functionality? or is there a more useful guide to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

.bar file contains multiple processes from diagram? How do I export a single process within a diagram?

I have a single diagram with multiple processes within it. Using the export function I created .bar files for each process within the diagram.

I send a single .bar file to a collegue and he tried to import this single .bar file. But when he did, he got the full diagram that i made, with all the processes, instead of just the single process associated with the .bar file i gave him.

Bonita 6.x - BAR Files - Export - Dissemble/Decryption and Protection of Copyright.

Hi there,

BAR flies are compiled code of a process which allows them to be implemented in QA/Integration and Production setting and stops them being looked at by the unnecessary.

However I've just read in Build a process for deployment (point 4) that is is possible to simply reverse engineer a implemented BAR into a BOS and hence into studio (when using a SP version of Bonita).