Export bdm from Bonita Platform

Can we export the bdm.zip from the Bonita Platform Server?


Export/Import sur Bonita Studio Community 7.8


devant partager un diagramme avec d'autres personnes, j'ai essayé 3 méthodes pour le transférer :

  • clic droit sur le diagramme > Exporter > laisser uniquement la case "diagramme cochée" > Terminer et l'importer sur le 2ème PC Fichier > Importer > Archive BOS
    => message d'erreur "Créé avec une édition Souscription, incompatible avec cette édition Communauté" alors que j'ai bien la même version sur les 2 ordis

    Bonita Community Edition
    Version : 7.8.0
    Build id : 7.8.0.

Export as picture: how to improve the bad quality of the export?


I am using Community edition 7.5.2, and the pictures generated by Bonista are particulary of bad quality, full of aliasing in jpeg and png.

Am I missing a setting or something? (yes, the jpeg is set to 100% quality)

Export as PNG / PDF / JPG... Word truncate

When I export BPM as image, text on connector are truncated.

Printing / exporting a diagram

I'd like to change my page size to 11X17, but I can't seem to find where to select paper size. Then I tried export the file as either a jpg or png, but I get an error pop up that just states null.

Can't export diagram to image : reason null


I'm using Bonita 7.0.1 on a Mac and I want to export my diagram to an image.

I tried to export it from the "Export as" > "Image" menu action but no matter the format I select, I always get the following error :

Copy Diagram to Image File could not be completed Reason null

Do you know how I could solve this?


Export report to Excel format

I was searching how to export from Jasper reports to Excel format, but with no success. I only found this site: http://www.evoketechnologies.com/blog/exporting-bonitasoft-bpm-reports-m... but it was not entirely useful, nor descriptive. I tried the steps and at the end, didn't work. My Bonita version is 6.3.7.

Is it any jar already existing that provides this functionality? or is there a more useful guide to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

.bar file contains multiple processes from diagram? How do I export a single process within a diagram?

I have a single diagram with multiple processes within it. Using the export function I created .bar files for each process within the diagram.

I send a single .bar file to a collegue and he tried to import this single .bar file. But when he did, he got the full diagram that i made, with all the processes, instead of just the single process associated with the .bar file i gave him.

Bonita 6.x - BAR Files - Export - Dissemble/Decryption and Protection of Copyright.

Hi there,

BAR flies are compiled code of a process which allows them to be implemented in QA/Integration and Production setting and stops them being looked at by the unnecessary.

However I've just read in Build a process for deployment (point 4) that is is possible to simply reverse engineer a implemented BAR into a BOS and hence into studio (when using a SP version of Bonita).

bpmn file


Is there any way to create dinamically the bpmn file instead of getting it from the studio (Export as ... BPMN 2.0)? Can I use the api to obtain it?