external forms

How to create external forms?


I would really like to know if and how it is possible to export the form filling activity via a URL to an independant website?

In my use case, I want that the user can click on a URL on a website and be redirected to the form which they can then fill and submit.

Thank you.

Get ProcessVariable value to an external form and then bring form input back to a HumanTask.

I want to link my HumanTask1 to an external form and then upon form submission want to bring form values back to HumanTask2. How can I do that in version7.x?? I have found some doumentation in the previous versions, but that isnt helping much.

Can anybody plz help me with a small working example?

Complete a task with an external form.

How can I use an external form to display and send information to the data model in a process?

Using a bar file in a custom application that does not use forms (community edition)

How can I leverage using the studio to model and create new processes when I want to use my own custom forms instead of ones provided by Bonita 6.5? Am I able to import a bar file created using bonita studio (without the forms?) and be able to integrate it with my forms. Alternatively can I import my forms into bonita studio and be able to use them. Could you provide details of how this could be approached? I am trying to use the engine API for integration with my application.