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Connect bonita with external forms

First I would like if someone can point out extensive information about connecting external forms with Bonita BPM. That would be very helpful.


I found that for a human task to use external forms instead of the UI Designer one, I have to

How to Pass the value of a variable via external URL link in bonita .

I have a Web application which is developed in codeigniter(PHP), Now we would like to make automation for some functionalities, I have Some UI pages developed in php, The questions is how to pass the value of some variables from bonita via external url link to the UI pages. now i'm using bonita 7.3.3 version.
Thanks in advance.

How to change url of bonita?


Just want to ask how to change the url bonita. The path I am using right now is hobnta01:8080/bonita the hobnta01 is the machine name of my server to where it is reside but I want to change it and make it http://webforms.smretail.intranet:8080/bonita. Is there a configuration for this? Please help.


How to access the Bonita Form from external URL?


I am trying to set the pool level auto-login feature for a bonita form . I have created the username and password for the anonymous user(at pool level) and created a URL in the format of : (Note:Project Initiation is the pool name and 1.4.0 is the bos version and process = process Id ).

http://localhost:8080/bonita/?ui=form&autologin=Project%20Initiation--1....$entry&process=8068068927823037965&mode=form&locale=en .