File upload size does not work, what am i doing wrong?


I have a problem with uploading files, i have a *.CSV file with size of 350-400MB. It is a really big file compared to simple documents, but i need to read its contents.

I (think i) know there are two files, that has file upload limits:


But these files are under this folder:


I just cant find this folder (someone wrote it is here):

Enregistrer un fichier sur le serveur


je débute sur Bonita Comunity.
Je dois enregistrer sur le serveur, dans un répertoire précis, le ou les fichiers uploader par l'utilisateur l'ors de l'exécution du processus.
J'ai essayé, en vain, un connecteur trouvé sur internet.

Je me demandais s'il n'y avait pas une solution plus simple en utilisant un script directement depuis le formulaire, au clic sur le bouton submit.

Merci de votre aide.

how to download a csv file when clicking on a button widget


I'm trying to send some data in csv format from an application page when the user press a button.

I have a rest API method which is called when pressing the button. The code formats some data and should send them through the browser so that the user can download it.

I'm stuck when trying to send back the data, how should I format the response?

I get the following error right now :

Document not accessible in "Overview" but available in Mail connector


in my app I attach correctly a document with a groovy connector:


processAPI.attachDocument(processInstanceId, "documentXYZ",, "application/pdf", doc.bytes);


Then I send it with an e-mail connector as an attachment, but If I try to open it in case Overview I get the error "500 Internal Server Error. Oops. Error.". In the logfile I've: "org.bonitasoft.forms.server.DocumentImageServlet Error while retrieving the document with ID xxxxxx from the engine."

It seems that the document ID in the url is not correct.

Error : can't leave Input file empty

Hello everyone,

I would like to set up a 'file upload' where you can upload a file, and keep it in a 'formOutput.fileStudentPlanContract' (with fileStudentPlanContract being a contract of a file type).

I can later retrieve it with no problem, however I can't seem to leave the field empty, (as if it was mandatory) as this debug msg is displayed :

Debug message
Error while validating expected inputs

How to Convert DocumentValue into File (DataType) in Groovy Script

Hello every body,

I trying post form-data (multipart with some files and some part) during the process.
I know how to convert document into documentValue but i need convert documentValue into File.
How can I do that?

Thanks a lot.

How can I display the user's uploaded photo in bonitasoft?

Hi, I've created a report with Ireport but I can show how I want to show the photos I get from the user in bonitasoft

Download archives on server

I have a process that requires actors to upload some .pdf files.
I'm needing to take this archives from the context to a folder in the server.
does anyone have any idea of how to do this?

Best Regards


does anyone know or trick how to set contract type file to null.


Based on my question, i want to set Contract Type : File to null or allow if people doesn't attach a file.

i tried to create javascript to set return my_file = null, is not working.

kind regards,

dhany lugina

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File upload and download example

An example that illustrate how to allow user to upload and download a single document or a list of documents. Also illustrate how to only allow certain type of files to be uploaded (e.g. only PDF files).

Process definition includes a reference to a document and to a list of documents (document with option "multiple" enable).

All files will be stored by Bonita BPM Engine in database. Engine also saved the association between the process instance and documents content and version.

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