How to Convert DocumentValue into File (DataType) in Groovy Script

Hello every body,

I trying post form-data (multipart with some files and some part) during the process.
I know how to convert document into documentValue but i need convert documentValue into File.
How can I do that?

Thanks a lot.

How can I display the user's uploaded photo in bonitasoft?

Hi, I've created a report with Ireport but I can show how I want to show the photos I get from the user in bonitasoft

Download archives on server

I have a process that requires actors to upload some .pdf files.
I'm needing to take this archives from the context to a folder in the server.
does anyone have any idea of how to do this?

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does anyone know or trick how to set contract type file to null.


Based on my question, i want to set Contract Type : File to null or allow if people doesn't attach a file.

i tried to create javascript to set return my_file = null, is not working.

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dhany lugina


File upload and download example

An example that illustrate how to allow user to upload and download a single document or a list of documents. Also illustrate how to only allow certain type of files to be uploaded (e.g. only PDF files).

Process definition includes a reference to a document and to a list of documents (document with option "multiple" enable).

All files will be stored by Bonita BPM Engine in database. Engine also saved the association between the process instance and documents content and version.

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Can I reference/link a sub-process to another .proc file?

Hi, we're evaluating BonitaSoft in our company as a possible replacement for Bizagi. Here's what we want to do, but so far couldn't:

Possible to save a file/picture in the database ?


I need to know if it's possible to save a picture or a file in a business object? Thanks for your answers,


File Generator Connector

hello , I create one custom connector for generate PDFs file after task completed . for initial test i dnt take any input for this when i execute process connector not executed pro pare it goes to failed stage . how can i recover and how can i show error .

Pl see following detail :

How to put a download document field previously uploaded ? (Version : 6.2.5)

Hi, I put an input file field in the form of my task. The file is successfully downloaded. But when I try to get the file in the next task, i have the exception :