file upload

File upload size does not work, what am i doing wrong?


I have a problem with uploading files, i have a *.CSV file with size of 350-400MB. It is a really big file compared to simple documents, but i need to read its contents.

I (think i) know there are two files, that has file upload limits:


But these files are under this folder:


I just cant find this folder (someone wrote it is here):

Binding a document to a model Instance


I am working on a project where Model A has many Model B's, and each Model B must have a document attached to it. Is there a way to bind a document to an instance of a model and not to the process?

Uploading files through REST API

I have created an angular application to implement an approval process. I need to upload some files. But the api given in the documentation does not seems to work

The api that i tried was


a multi part post request to that api gives a 200 response but does not contain any data in the body. Even if the api is called without the cookies or header it still gives back a 200 response. Any suggestions other than writing my own file uploader?

How to access file via selected table object.

Hey guys,
I'm new to bonita and today I tried the upload widget by using this example:

So I can upload in one task a pdf-file and download it again in the next task. That works.
But now I want to download the file in another way. My project looks pretty simple, I have 2 forms and one Page.

Accessing Doument Contract in bonita Script

I want to access document contract which i have created on step named "Step Upload" in example version 7.1.5-1.0.1 at link but its not working i am only trying to access contract using following code:

import org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.contract.FileInputValue
import org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document.Document
import org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document.DocumentValue

Uploading file on Step in Bonita

Input Text field with File Upload and Download

I want one input text and one select box with multiple files upload at the start of the process and read the file and text inputs in the next step. I have reviewed the DemoUploadFileDiagram which demonstrates an upload and download documents in the middle of the process.

Old user icon not removed after updated with REST API

I am uploading user icons through REST API.

It works as expected and on first run I get my 1170 files in tenant work/icons/users directory.

The problem is when I run a second time my job. All the icons get duplicated on disk... The old user icon should be deleted when it is updated.

Optional Document Upload


Im using Bonita 7.1

I would like to know if there is a way to have an optional document upload?

I have a form with 10 document upload widgets, some times we need all 10 sometimes only 2, they cant be part of the contract because I might not use them and then the contract will not be for filled, so i cannot submit.

Any idea what is the best way to do this?


File Upload and Dowload from 6.x

Hi all,

i would like to upload and download a file. I know the FileUploadDownload Example but i would like to build the process via the 6.x Pageflow editor.

This is what I've already did:
* Execution > Contract > new Contract (type "file") named "input1"
* Pool > Data > new Document > File contract input "input1"
* Created a Pageflow and uploaded the file (think so, because no errors appeared)