File Upload Widget

How to access file via selected table object.

Hey guys,
I'm new to bonita and today I tried the upload widget by using this example:

So I can upload in one task a pdf-file and download it again in the next task. That works.
But now I want to download the file in another way. My project looks pretty simple, I have 2 forms and one Page.

How can we upload documents using the upload widget in Bonita BPM 7.4.2 by binding it with a DB connector?

My use case is to allow the user to upload document(s) to a MongoDB server from the UI.

I have designed the form for this purpose but I am encountering few problems in configuring the DB Connector and have little to no idea how to bind the upload widget with the DB connector. Specifically, the upload widget has a property - URL that can be configured to tell where the data needs to go; I wish to know how I can specify this property if I have a configured DB Connector.

Thanks in advance!!

Get absolute file path from Upload widget in UI Designer

Hello, Guys!
I'm new to Bonita BPM and I'm trying to get the absolute file path from an upload widget in my form in the UI Designer. I'm using Bonita BPM 7.4.1 and I was looking for some documentation, but I couldn't find anything for this version. I'm trying to get the full path of the file and save it in a process variable, because I have a custom created connector, that uploads the file to Alfresco repository.
I will really appreciate your help or ideas for another way to do this more simple.
Thank you in advance!

File Upload Widget

Is there any sample process that utilises the file upload widget and retrieving it back as a URL link in the subsequent task node?