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uploading files using widget

hi, i have created an file field in a bonita form using a widget and then i created a conector . what i would like is, when user select a file to upload, i would like to store the name of this file into mysql table and in the same time save it into any folder .(1)so how i can to do it.(2)how i can control all the files that will contain the folder and could decide if they can be replaced by a files that could have the same name or not.


File widget


I'm trying to use the File widget and I'm confused about how to use it. First, I've created a a document in my pool, and then I've added a File widget to a form of one of my human tasks. I attach image of my configuration: fileWidgetConfig My problem is that when I execute the process, I cannot see the widget. Simply, I see the others widgets but the File widget has gone. However if I click the preview option I can see it perfectly, and it works well. Does anyone know why?

Upload a file to get its source path

Hi. I try to get the path of a file that is on my computer. To do that, I want to use a File widget to browse in the explorer and find the file. Then I want to read the source path of this file. Any idea on how I can do this ? I try to look the methods of the "DocumentValue" class, but there is no "getPath" method.

How do I remove URI and select FILE always on File widget?

How do I remove URI and have FILE selected always on File widget?

Thanks and regards Seán

capture download link and view the download link


I have some issue regarding jQuery in Bonitasoft. I called href download link in jQuery code but it is "undefined" when it run on browser. But, if I called the href in console, it displayed the download link.

Download a file - file widget Bonita 6.3.3


Could You tell me how I can make a downlaod widget with file which was upload on form before( by another actor) I make a widget with upload but I have a problem wih widget with download this file.

Thanks for Your help.

How to Get file path of attached file from file widget

hello i m new on bonitasoft . using community 6.3

i create one doc variable named input create on from with file widget Nd set data as this input variable .

on submit button clicked add one action

string variable takes value of input.getPath() but when run process it gives error : " error while submiting form"

what i mistaken ? pl any one help me .

thanks in advance . jalpa

Radio buttons on File Widget

Hi everyone, Is it possible to modify radio buttons on the widget file (File choice by default or disabled the URL choice for example) ? Regards.

file attachmed to a form

Hi, I want to attach a file to a form and use ist in the next steps of the process. There is a field at the form editor for files and i can upload one but never use it other forms... thanks for help