How to get the name of a file uploaded in a document


my process uploads a file (xlsx, csv or txt) via the instantiation form in a document, using the UPLOAD widget.
Let's say, for example, that I select the file "Conso_data_2020_03.xlsx".

The document declared at the pool level is called "myConsoDataFile".

In a process task, I want to copy this file to a different directory than the original one.
To do this, I download the document by applying the following script, found on this forum:

How can I upload a contract input file from a connector to an external API.

I'm unable to use the existing REST connectors to upload a contract input file as a form parameter to an external API.

I've tried configuring the file upload widget with the external API URL instead of Bonita's file upload API and this is also failing. Screenshot%202020-02-17%20at%201.03.44%20PM.png

file location


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Problems getting file id in start script


Currently I use BonitaStudio 7.7.4 and I have a human task with a form with multiple data to which a file can be loaded.

Create a multiple document that takes its value from the variable declared in the contract.
I want for each multiple record to store the id of the document so that in the next task I can show each multiple data in a table with its associated document.

I am using this code within each:
Document doc = apiAccessor.getProcessAPI().getDocument(processInstanceId, currentComisionMensualDetalleInput.documentoAsociado).getId();

BonitaSoft portal .css files. Where can I find them?

Do I need to change the BonitaSoft Portal Layout but can not find the .css or .js files, is there a default directory where I can access these files?