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Al poblar una tabla desde un objeto List<List> me muestra todos los valores en la primera columna [4, 2006, 3] - bonita 7

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Soy nuevo en Bonita y desde hace un tiempo que tengo problemas para poblar una tabla en el UI Designer con los datos que desde un conector puse en una variable collection (Una Lista de Lista).

Upload a list of files and list it


I'm working in a pilot project using free bonita community. We need to upload a list of files in each task forms, but we dont know specifically how many files is. The users need to access this files in forms too. I'm trying to do this:

Saving Editable Grid Data into multiple variables

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Setup: Bonita BPM Community Edition ver 6.2.1

I'm currently working on a process which computes for annual compensation based on monthly incentives.

I have created a pageflow which uses an editable grid. The grid uses 12 columns and 2 rows only. The first row is used as the horizontal header containing the months ofthe year (Jan, Feb, Mar, ..., November, December). The second row is where the data will be entered by the user.

How to have empty list in a form filled in by user?


I need to start with an empty list in a form. The user then adds items to the list. This list is input data for further steps in the process. What approach would you recommend?

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