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Error while saving page [newForm5]

Because of weird error that I said in previous question, I wana to create new forms, but when I clicked on "Create a new form ..." in Instantiation form tab, the UI Desginer didn't open and below errors is appear in UIdesigner log

Submit a form in a modal

I'm using Bonita Community Edition, Version : 7.8.4.
I want to add modal after submitting form. Usually I'm using jQuery but in UI Desinger I cant use jQuery function. ($ in jquery causes an error)
Is there any simple way for adding modal to submit button? (using jQuery or Angular)

How to access process variables from UI


I have a business process variable named vProc that has an integer value initialize of 125.
I initialize the process by a UI Form that has these variables:
task | ../API/bpm/task/{{taskId}} | External API
taskId | id | URL parameter
vProc | ../API/bpm/caseVariable/{{task.caseId}}/vProc | External API

In my form I have three Text Areas to show the values: task.id | vProc | taskId

como mostrar valor de variable de proceso

Buenas tardes: Tengo una duda, me pudieran decir como mostrar un valor entero de una variable de proceso en el UI Designer.


Disable autocomplete on forms

Hi all,

Just a little question
Do you know how to disable automcomplete on all widgets or on all forms ?

Thanks a lot.