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How can I get BDM Values from Initiator form to Dept Manager Form

Hey guys,

I have created a process using BDM,
At First Step:
1. Initiated user fills the form and submits, it goes to his Manager.
2. Manager reviews the form, and I am using ../{{}} to get BDM values from User submitted form, and now Manager Submits the form and it goes to his Dept Manager.
3. Dept Manager reviews and when I am using ../{{}} I am unable to get form values submitted by Initiated User, I am only getting Manager choosen form fields, not from Initiated form .

How to get data from user submitted form?

Hello Bonita,

I am creating a process using BOS 7.1.3, I have defined BDM's Like Name, Reason, Status as MyRequest name.

Now I went to Pool and Selected -> In Details Tab - > Data -> Business variables -> Add -> Gave it a name - >Selected **MyRequest ** from Business Object dropdown and Finish.

Now clicked on Execution -> Contract -> Add from Data -> and checked Name and Reason fields and Finish.

PageValidator and submit action


I would like to check if some fields are filled, but "only" depending on submit button clicked by user.

My intention was to develop a PageValidator for each Form (or a single one Generic) and to get all form values and "which was the submit action choosen", but in my IFormPageValidator implemented class it seems that only arrives:

public boolean validate(Map<String, FormFieldValue> fieldValues, Locale locale) {