How to set the assignee of a certain lane or human task to a variable set inside a form?

I'm brand new to Bonita, and I was wondering how we could have the user type in a name into a field in a form created by UI Designer (mapped to some variable), and then have that be the assignee for a future human task or lane?

Resources would be greatly appreciated! :)

(Eventually, we might want a form where we can add N number of approvers, and have all those approvers have to approve - does anyone have suggestions on the best way to do this as well?

Is there a way to define form (page) event such as open, refresh, focus etc in Bonita?

In Bonitasoft, we can implement our own handlers for the the task events when task is entered or exit to next step, such event called Connectors in, Connectors out. The limitation is that Connectors in is called only when the task is entered, not whenever the form(page) is opened. This is an important distinction. A task is entered only once, even though the form might be re-opened numerous times while the task is being worked on. Is there a way to
catch the form open/refresh events etc?


This sample presents a pageflow (or mutli-page) form created with Bonita BPM 7. This resulting form is equivalent to the pageflow form that existed in Bonita BPM 5 & 6.

Documentation available here:

Issues tracker available here:

B702 - Task Continuation - How to do it?

Hi there,

In B6xx I could add a piece of html for moving to the next Form in a set of tasks automatically.

This no longer works in B7xx

Any idea how to do that?

For example:

I have Initiation Form, when I click OK (Submit) I want it to initiate the first task of the process immediately, not go to the portal where I have to start it manually.

Thanks and regards

Populating a form based on user Identity

Using Bonita version 7 community edition. Using basic Javascript no added features or add ins.

I have been attempting to have my form appear customized, based on the user ID of who opens the form. The form will display images and information relevant to that user/group.

How to develop a widget type select with the name Select1 passing variable to Select2 in form? (drill down, dependence between widget)

Group; I'm using BonitaSoft Community version 6.5.2 ;

I have the following challenge:

Make a Select type widget with the name bd_mnt_niveis1 be criteria to display values ​​in the widget name bd_mnt_niveis2 (Type a drill down or dependent list) and so then to bd_mnt_niveis3 as below:

image I have the variables in the Pool:

Data type: Objeto Java Class: java.util.List Is multiple

How to configure a radio button in Bonita 6?


I would like to create and configure a radio button which choices are "Yes" and "No", but I can't figure out how to store the user choice in a boolean variable and to use it in the next task, nor how to display the "Yes" and "No" options.

The 5.x version documentation didn't help either.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Implement Confirm/alertbox for Submit button in Bonita 6.3.8

Hi All,

I am trying to implement a confirm/alertbox to check before submitting a form. This button is a Bonita submit button. I have very little knowledge of JS/jquery but can understand and implement through trial and error.

Is there an existing out of the box solution for this ? Or if you have any pointers please let me know.

How do i add a form to a start event?

Dear BonitaSoft Comminuty,

I want to create a process that starts with a user who inserts information into a form. I have seen an example business process where the start event contains a form. When the process is started at the start event, the form shows up in Bonita Portal and the user can insert data. My questions is: How do i create a form for the start event? I only know how to create a form for a user task. Can anybody please help me?

My Bonita BPM Community version is 6.3.7.

Kind regards, Pascal Petruch

Authentication and IFrame


I'm showing bonita portal form into an IFrame giving form URL (cf :

The problem is that I need to log-in everytime. Is it possible to connect to the portal through code in order to hide this part ?

Thanks :)