Get form with REST API


Is it possible to retrieve form (created with the studio) with REST API in order to show them into an other page.

In the documentation, I saw that we can show a page we previously add to the portal but nothing about forms.

Did you implement anything about this since 6.x ?

Cause it seems like it was impossible to do this with 5.9 :


Temporary updatable variables in pageflow


I'm running Bonita Studio 6.3.2 Performance

I've put some transient vars in my start pageflow (ie. not of a human task).

Transient var

I update them using a Groovy script called when a field gets updated (ie. contingency)

close the web browser tab, once the form have been submitted


I want to close the web browser tab, once the form have been submitted by clicking the submit button.

how can I achieve this?; I would appreciate your help !!!

Sort elements in a grid

Hi. I create a Grid that I populate with elements from a database. Is there a tool to sort the elements in the grid ? For example, I have a User's grid (firstname, lastname, adress, ...). I want to sort them by name after the grid is displayed. Thanks in advance.

[Resolved] No access to global variable in Pool form?


When having a Pool form I cannot select a global variable to use as an initial value for i.e. text field or message field. In a Step form I can. Can somebody tell me why there's made a difference? Using v6.2

Best Regards -Frank

Radio buttons on File Widget

Hi everyone, Is it possible to modify radio buttons on the widget file (File choice by default or disabled the URL choice for example) ? Regards.

Remove a form validation on running process

Hi everyone. :)

I'm in such a trouble. I have a process here at my company running on the Bonita Portal. It is in operation mode. However, I stepped into a problem: There is a user that can't load the form for his task. Actually, no one can because it's a validation problem on the form. I'd like to take that validation out, so he could be able to load the form on the screen. But the process is in the portal. And I can't just kill that process and substitute it for another.

So, any help is very much welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Forms not showing and preview error

Hello, I have 2 issues which I think are related.

I created a very simple, straightforward form. An applicant must fill in some textfields, thats all for now.

I have 4 variables:

  • dateOfBirth (date)
  • firstName (text)
  • lastName (text)
  • workExperienceYears (int)

Fill a variable with a selected field in a table

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there is a way to fill a variable with the content of a selected cell of a table.

I'm woking on a formulary that shows a table as a result. This table has X lines and 7 columms. I want to make something to be able to get the value of one of those cells, specific the cell that the user selected, and fill a numeric variable with that value.

Is it possible or am I asking too much? :)

BOS 6.1.1

Thanks in advance and a great weekend for everyone.