Task Forms not displayed in Claims Tutorial mounted on docker version

I am trying to deploy the tutorial example of claims to a dockerized version of Bonita 7.10.1.

I have tested the application using the Bonita BPM Studio, and works well.

In the docker version:

- I have deployed the BDM using a generated from BPM Studio.

- I have deployed the organization (ACME), mounted the user permissions (Admin & Users) equals to the Bonita BPM Portal embebded to BPM Studio. I used the xml file exported from Bonita BPM Studio.

How to save a form like an application page in bonita comunity

I´m new in bonita. I have creted a form and then I realize that I need an application page. When I open the form in UI designer and save it, I can´t find the manner to save like an application page
I will apprecite your help

How to use forms from an external url

I'm using Bonita Studio 7.6.2 and i want to use forms from external url in my human tasks, so I found that for a human task to use external forms instead of the UI Designer one, I have to

Restrict Simultaneous access of Forms

Does Bonita have any inbuilt feature to restrict simultaneous access of forms ?

Need to restrict users from accessing form which is already in use and
- possibly show a pop-up message to indicate that the form is in use and editing is not allowed or
- disable the form fields for users when its in use by someone else.

Form input does not change

Hello. I am trying to create app for creating and modifying business vars (something like simple registry) and i have problem with modifying data in inputs.

I have 2 processes - first for creating, second for modifying business vars.

The problem is in second one:

Login to bonita Portal with certain user

I have an application that communicates with Bonita through the REST API. Whenever I try to start a case from a given process I use forms in order to do that. My question is, I login in my app with a certain user (say helen.kelly) but when I open the form from the app, the user that is going to fill the form is the user logged in in the bonita portal which may not necessarily be the user logged in my app. I want to know if there is a way to open the form and automatically log in with a given user.

Javascript inside a Bonita Designer form


I have a observation.
The Scenario is that I have a custom Living app page. There I have 2 separate Lists of type multiple.
My contract is a Single list of Type multiple.

What i am doing here is Adding the values of the 2 lists together and sending it to my contract.
I am using JavaScript to perform this.
In side the custome page , it works fine.

Bonita Community Edition 7.3 - Several Troubles

Hi, everyone! I am new at Bonita and i have some issues, which i couldn't find a solution yet. So I thought to ask for your help.
Anyway, my troubles is the following:

How to use bonita forms in external app


I want to create custom application with use of bonita software, I already know that I can communicate with bonita via Rest API but I need to know how to display forms created in UI Designer in my application (via Rest API method ?). I wander whether it is possible to create application outside bonita world which will use all bonita features.