This task cannot be executed from here. why are forms not displayed?

The forms in the tasks are only displayed to users mapped with the Administrator profile, in case I remove the user from the administrator profile this message is displayed: "This task cannot be executed from here."

How can I export zip of my process forms from my Bonita portal?


In version 7.10.4, when I open my process as an Administrator in my portal, I can update or remove the instantiation and task forms for my process, but I can't just export a zip of the form that is installed.

My form is not installed at the tenant level, so it is not available for download from the Resources section.

How can I do that?


How to use process variable's list in a called process?

I have a process variable 'q_list' that contains a list of questions. I want each question to be answered parallelly by a group of users, so I'm making a new process and call the new process parallelly, and make an iterator that points to q_list.
My question is, how do I access the iterator in the called process, in order to display each question in the called process parallelly (display it in a form)?

Form to add a rows into BDM

Hi all,

I'm new at Bonita and I want to know if anybody has a .bos that has a form that insert rows into BDM. I want to use it as a template and put my BDM Variables only

Prefilled Form

Hi all. In my user task the form has a contract and in the operations the contract values are assigned to process variables.
I would like to enable users to edit their form in a next step, so the next time i need the form to be filled with the previously submitted values.
I can see that you can create new variables in the Design UI, using the rest api, eg. to create External API variable using the url ../API/bpm/caseVariable/{{task.caseId}}/my-process-variable-name. The returned json contains the type and value in string variables.

Forms problems when deploying the process to the server


I have a process which works as expected from the Studio but when I deploy into the server, one of the forms doesn't work properly.

I have two forms and two process variables (of type collection) in two different pools. I'm using exactly the same external API to get the data in the two forms :
varName1 = ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/processVariable1 --> first form
varName2 = ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/processVariable2 --> second form

Can't add Document to Contract

I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious...

I've got some documents I've added to my pool. When I try to add one to the contract, I can see the documents and click finish but nothing happens. By nothing, I mean the window where you can click finish blinks for 1/4 second or so but stays there. The document isn't added to the contract.

Can someone walk me through how to add a document to a contract so it can be uploaded via form?



Shared form fragments across processes in Bonita 7.2.2. What happens on deployment time?


I have a common form fragment which is shared across multiple forms and multiple processes.
If I modify the fragment and deploy one process which uses it what happens with the other forms that use the fragment? Is the fragment updated in all of them?

Thank you.
Kind regards.

Refresh 'External API' variable in a form

Is there any way to refresh an 'External API' variable without reloading the page?
Simply i need to reload a table that was initialy filled from an external API variable on page load.
Thank you!!


Accessing variables from the outer loop of nested loop in a form

I have a list of user and a list of items with a reference to the user that it was created by. I want to display the list of users along with the items the user created.

My first thought was to create a container for the user list, and a nested container for the items and hide all of the items not created by the current user. To do this requires access to the user from the parent container. Is this possible, and how would it be done. From the AngularJS ngRepeat documentation it looks $parent should work but I was not able to get it to work.