Transitions via Engine API


I need to get de value of transitions that was in the conditions of the gateways via Engine Api. After doing a search i found the methods getOutgoingTransitions() and getIncommingTransitions() in Engine API. Can someone help me to use this methods?



transition path conditions

Hello all,
I'm developing an application where I'm concentrating on the Xor transition paths.
first, I have MySQL database rule where the table is on this form if, then, measure columns (three columns)
example **if **jobtitle= "XXX", **then **reductioncateg="zzz" with a measured **value **= 5
So I need that when the process instance is deployed, in the Xor gateway I verify the "if" part to take the path transition to the "then" activity.

How to compare three values and use only one Output based on comparison and value selected


I plan to implement a process where in a certain task , the user will have three choices.

Based on his choice , the process flow will be different.

Currently The user has to choose between archive , Planned or Unplanned .

I am using a Text variable to store the users selection and then use that to compare with the XOR output lanes.

If the User chooses archive , the case will end
If the User chooses Unplanned, the task will go to Employer
If the user Chooses Planned, the task will go to next Level of Approval.