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How to Store attachment into hard drive .

how can i store attachment(document) from process uploaded by user to harddrive . it can be any type of document , .pdf , .doc , .xls etc.

Pl help . give any example .

Share Files Between Pools

Hi Fellows,

I'm working on Bonita 6.3 and have this issue.

I have 2 processes (pools) one contains a document field which upload files to the process as "evidence". For business rule this "evidence" must be send to another process which collect and attach them for future visualization.

My problem is that I can't find a way to send that file to the other pool just using Bonita API.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

How to Create Document in PDF with forms All content

I create one from with all employee detail now i want to add action on submit button .

when it clicked : document is generated of all detail and email to the employee email id

Pl can i know how to achieve it . how to generate document .

Thanks kandarp

Bonita Connector "Get document" Exception


I am using Bonita Studio - Community Edition version 5.8 and have been trying to use the Bonita Connector - "Get document".

These are the steps that I have made:

1. I set the DocumentUUID that is required (stored in a database)
2. I set the Destination Variable to a global variable named "myDocument" which is an attachment data type