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Groovy connector file reading script returns null

Hello, I created a groovy script connector in order to read a CSV file.
With a local file, I can get the result without error; however, I could not read the CSV file with document url as follows. The url is correct and tested already.
It returns null.
Would you someone know the reason why? The filename in the script is not valid?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advanced.

//def fileName= "D:/BonitaAddOns/csv/testFile.csv"
def fileName= "/bonita/portal/"+ csvObjVar.docUrl

Is a Postgres/SQL UPDATE statement limited to a maximum length?

Hi all,

I am using a sql update statement like this in a Groovy Out connector:

"sql.execute("UPDATE table SET col3=$bdmvar3, [and another 40 variables...].WHERE col1=$bdmvar1")"

The length of this statement is approximately 1300 characters. When I try to execute it, I get this syntax error:

Caused by: org.bonitasoft.engine.connector.exception.SConnectorException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: syntax error at or near "is" Position: 588

BDM and Groovy script

I use the following Groovy script to retrieve data stored in the BDM. In the BDM I defined a "business Object" called "Rutas" that has two "attributes", "nombreRuta" and "valor".
The script I use is:

List rtSubir = rutasDAO.findByNombreRuta("rutaSubir",0,100)

return rtSubir

But I fails. I think that left me something, but I can not to find out what it is.
Any suggestions?. Thank you.

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Created on Bonita BPM version : 6.3.3

Objectives: Execute an external groovy script

You can edit the script without recompiling neither redeploying the process on the server * Use as a form widget connector, it allows you to edit the script and refresh the screen to see the result * Use as a Form transiant data connector, it allows you to edit the script and refresh the screen to see the result * Use as an activity connector, it allows you to edit the script, restart a new process instance and see the changes

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Groovy Connector Exception while evaluating expression

Hi folks,

I'm having occasionally this exception thrown: org.bonitasoft.connectors.scripting.GroovyConnector - Exception : Exception while evaluating expression

I set up a Groovy script connector to retrieve user details using the code as below:

GroovyConnector class not found

Bonita BPM 5.7 Server Glassfish : 3.1.2 JDK : 1.7

We have the exception listed below while calling a groovy script connector in a task. In glassfish3\glassfish\domains\domain1\bonita-server-v5.7.2\server\default\tmp there are scripting-5.7.2.jar listed. Is there any other reference to the groovy jars? Where do we have to put the classpath references? Thanks in advance

How to display table on conformation task page .

i m using bonitasoft community 6.3 on confromation i just downloaded defauly html generated. and add table on it , but now i want to display some process variable's data into that table . how can i get this process variable data from that html

pl pl specify need code .

how can i refactor this code .

Hidden button at the connector grovy

Bonita BPM 6.3.0.

In the form "output operetions" from the "grovy" connector, the button "add" disappears when the number of outputs is large. Would require a vertical scroll bar.

Email Task URL to user

at the end of TASK 1 i create one email connector

in email body , i switch to script editor and as per documentation i paste following code ,

Groovy script cannot find depenedencies


I am a newbee to Bonita BPM and am trying to create a groovy script connector. I dont get errors when i test the connector as i manually check dependencies but when i run the process it fails as it cannot find the jar files i think. How do i get my process to get dependencies at runtime?

This is the log file.