Get blob from mysql with groovy

I have a simple table with these fields:

import/use connector in boundary timer

I want to use a connector that calculates a duration in order to use it in a boundary timer event. if I use the connector in a task all works as it should, but when I try to import it (using groovy script) in a boundary timer it fails every time, with the following error:

Using a groovy script in a groovy custom page?

I have a grrovy script "MyUtil.groovy" written using the "Development->Manage Groovy Scripts" menu option in the studio and use it extensively in various connectors, operations etc in my process.

However I'd now like to use it in groovy custom page as well, but cant get it to work.

"import MyUtil;" says it cant resolve.

And any attempt to use MyUtil.myFunction(...) in the page code also reports that there is no variable called "MyUtil".

I presume this is a class path issue, but cant work out how to tell the page code to use the script.

Any clues?

start case in groovy

Hi, I need to start a case of a process in groovy, Im not sure if I have to call an API or if there is another way of starting a case


Need to display a document download url and the author as well

I am using Bonita Subscription 7.1.2 .
I have a task where multiple approvers will review a task and attach a document each.
The requestor will be able to see the final status after all review is complete.
The requestor should be able to see the documents that the approvers have attached.
I was able to do that , but currently there is a list of all document url/links available.
To make more sense out of it, I need to display the approver name beside the document so that the requestor is able to identify which approver has attached which document.

Problemas al mostrar un Widget personalizado con una tabla, no muestra valores

Hola a todos,
Soy nuevo en Bonita 7.2, y estoy topando con problemas para mostrar los valores obtenidos en un Widget de tabla personalizada desde base de datos MySql, cualquier ayuda será agradecida.

I can't populate or display data from My Sql DB in a Custom Widget Table(JSON)

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita 7.2, struggling with displaying values, retrieved from a My SQL DB, in a custom table Widget. I need a little help, please.

GroovyConnector not found on server

Good morning,
I'm working on a new process and I came to the following issue trying to run it on my Bonita Engine server.
From the portal within the studio, there's no errors at all and the process runs perfectly well.

The error is : org.bonitasoft.connectors.scripting.GroovyScriptConnector can not be found.

I checked in the Bar file and there's the file scripting-groovy-script-impl-1.0.2.impl in the connector folder.

Any ideas ?


How to use loggedUserId in Bonita 7.2.3?

My problem is simple. I need to get the userId of the currenty user "performing" the script activity. In the documentation says that loggedUserId is among the provided variables, but it's not in the provided variables in the groovy script editor. I'm using the Community Edition.
How can i get the id?

[exception] groovy connector : script is null


I'm using Bonita BPM Community Edition v.7.2.1

Development > Manage groovy scripts
I created groovy script named 'GetId'.
and the contents are as follows.

public def static hello()
    return 'hello'; 

And I made a service task and it has a connector. I used Groovy 2.4 connector.
and its scripts are just only GetId.hello();