Filters for teams of 2 with supervisors

Hi! We have a process with several teams. Each team is a group of 2 users -- here, students doing a translation work. Each team has 6 sheets to translate (and to summarize with an abstract). Team A is Alice and Albert, team B is Brigitte and Bob, etc.

Alice is translating sheets A1, A2 and A3.

Albert is translating sheets A4, A5 and A6.

Albert is the reviewer of the work done by Alice (sheets A1, A2 and A3). Alice reviews the translation work done by Albert (sheets A4, A5 and A6).

Get all groups of a task ID's actor


I'm trying to find a way in groovy through which, I can get all the groups that are allowed to execute a task. I am trying to write a script at the "connector in" of a station that gets me this data. Even the actor's API takes processDefinitionId as an argument, and not taskId/activityId. I want the actors with respect to that instance, could you help me out?


How do I configure to a group have access to the process?

I have a process where I need to set up a group to have access to this task. I already have the group created in my organization and I already have members in this group, but when I execute the process the following error occurs:

Aligning organisation between portal and studio

How do I get changes made to the organization (eg: adding a group) via the admin portal to show up in the studio so that I can configure actors to use the groups?

I understand that you have to "publish" to go the other way (studio -> portal) but cant find the portal -> studio mapping.