Get the groups of a user

Hello everyone!

Back with a new problem to solve. For my page I need to get the groups of the logged in user. I already know how to get the users for a group, but this time i need the opposite. Can i get the groups in designer with an API or an extension would be a better approach?

Thank you in advance!

[API] How to get the groups of a user?

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get the groups of the logged user. However, the only possibility that I have found is getting the users of a group, and I want the opposite relation.
It is possible to do this with Bonita API? I tried multiple combinations but I didn't get the expected result.


Cannot change group.

I have a problem managing groups in BonitaCommunity 7.3.1.
I log on my administrator account, go to Organization -> Groups. Here I can successfully create or delete a group, but I cannot modify existing one.
I select the group, click "edit", change some values on the "Update a group" form and click "save". The error message says: "Permission denied: you do not have the rights to perform this action."

Am I doing something wrong? It looks like a bug to me.

Group that can be duplicated, dynamically

My client requirement is that, after selecting an item on a Select list, he can upload files and descriptions according to that selected item. The idea is to dynamically populate a group that can be duplicated, with the requested data. But as I've seen on Bonita, it doesn't seem possible to dynamically change the amount of group items. How can I achieve this? And, is there any way to consume a REST service from Bonita? Thanks.

Also, I can't find anything useful about Iterate (a practical example) on the documentation, is there any example of this?

How can i discover the group of a user?

I want to show the group ( the departament) where the user, that is doing a task, works.

How can I get this group?

My organization is very simple. Each user is member of only one group.

I tryed two ways :

- A task is done by an actor that can be maped to many groups.

- A user can be member of many groups.