Managing Organizations through studio and portal


I made an organization with some groups and roles on the studio, and deployed it on localhost.
Now, I added a new role through the portal, which worked properly, but this addition or change isn't reflected on the studio. Now, if I add a new role through the studio and deploy, this new role is added in the portal, but also the old role I'd added on the portal is still present, even though it wasn't present in the studio organization.

Is this a feature, where you persist the changes made on the portal, or is it a bug?


Get the groups of a user

Hello everyone!

Back with a new problem to solve. For my page I need to get the groups of the logged in user. I already know how to get the users for a group, but this time i need the opposite. Can i get the groups in designer with an API or an extension would be a better approach?

Thank you in advance!

[API] How to get the groups of a user?

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get the groups of the logged user. However, the only possibility that I have found is getting the users of a group, and I want the opposite relation.
It is possible to do this with Bonita API? I tried multiple combinations but I didn't get the expected result.


Cannot change group.

I have a problem managing groups in BonitaCommunity 7.3.1.
I log on my administrator account, go to Organization -> Groups. Here I can successfully create or delete a group, but I cannot modify existing one.
I select the group, click "edit", change some values on the "Update a group" form and click "save". The error message says: "Permission denied: you do not have the rights to perform this action."

Am I doing something wrong? It looks like a bug to me.

Group that can be duplicated, dynamically

My client requirement is that, after selecting an item on a Select list, he can upload files and descriptions according to that selected item. The idea is to dynamically populate a group that can be duplicated, with the requested data. But as I've seen on Bonita, it doesn't seem possible to dynamically change the amount of group items. How can I achieve this? And, is there any way to consume a REST service from Bonita? Thanks.

Also, I can't find anything useful about Iterate (a practical example) on the documentation, is there any example of this?

How can i discover the group of a user?

I want to show the group ( the departament) where the user, that is doing a task, works.

How can I get this group?

My organization is very simple. Each user is member of only one group.

I tryed two ways :

- A task is done by an actor that can be maped to many groups.

- A user can be member of many groups.