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Changing the group membership of a user in bonitasoft portal doesn't show effect in the REST API calls

I was trying to change the group membership of the user using the administrator role on the portal, and i changed the role of one of the user and the tasks showing up for him changed accordingly on the portal under the tasks tab, but when i do REST API calls,I am receiving tasks of the previous group of the user only, can you please help me out with this bug?

Assign Task to Group or Multiple Users


Is there anyone who knows how to assign task to multiple users and assign also to group? The purpose is since there are times that the main approver is not around so it needs to be approved by other user. Please help.


How to assign task to a specific group and all users in a group can view it?


How can I assign a task to a group and users can view it and whoever approves the task will be fetch? The purpose of this is for the task not to be pending for a long time and other users can approve certain task for it to be release right away.


How to make a user see only tasks that are in his group?

I'm using Bonita BPM Version : 7.2.3.

I have the following organization: