How can I access the BPM H2 Database in Bonita Studio 7.10.0 (bonita_journal.db)?


It is very easy to access the BDM H2 Database through Bonita Studio: Development -> Business Data Model -> Browse data. When I was using Bonita Studio 7.8.2 to design processes, I discovered through this forum that you can read/open the bonita_journal.db file through the same H2 Console to view the underlying process/user/archive/etc tables. This is extremely helpful for debugging and understanding the way Bonita works.

Edit Data by Selecting Table Row

Hello, I'm trying to edit data by selecting table row in the form. Once the table row selected, the row contents displayed in the text fields and then change any text field value as i want. But i'm having an issue here. When i pressed the submit button, nothing changed instead of giving me a new row filled with null in H2 Console. Here i already put my .bos file so you can check and figure out what went wrong in my project. I'm using bonita 7.92 version. Make sure run the table TEST Update 1.0.proc to see and test the edit data and see the error. Im looking forward the solution of this.

Table filled with null each row

Hello Everyone,

Currently im having an issue with my table row. almost all of my table row filled with null. Does anybody here ever experienced this problem? what are the solution to overcome this? and what makes the row filled with null by itself? Here I give you screenshot of my table.