Can't resume BPM services after deploy BDM.

I'm having troubles to restart BPM services after deploy / install a BDM, that has only one object, with two columns, is an early implementation.

I've just looking some comments in forum, but I can't find the logs and configurations, I think that is because I'm using the lates version available to download at this days.

How can I inspect .log files to see if I have an error?
How can I solve this error?
The portal isn't showing errors, and in the BDM section, it says that is installed successfully.

Please, I need some help.

Thanks Regards

add multiple values

I am doing the example of surrender, income multiple expenses but I do not know how I can add all the values

How to install/configure the Longboard Page

Hello ,

I am using Bonita Community 7.2.2 and when I cant install the longboard Page, or specificaly, configure it to work.

I appreciate all the help you can provide.



[Help] Bonita won't start "Run" or "Portal"

Hello Bonita-Community,

I face one serious problem: Whenever i want to execute or "Run" a diagram, this happens: What I know this Diagram is a new one and kind of blank. But i've tried to reinstall Bonita for at least 20 times on different HDDs, SSDs, also USB sticks.

I've deleted every registry-entry in Windows' "regedit" and rebootet several times.

I've also reinstalled every web browser (Firefox and Chrome) i have on my pc.

Modelling Problem with Process Diagram

It may be silly for some but I am having a lot of trouble modelling with what i think is not a complex diagram. Please help me model this, a simple drawing would help

Start task by user Then Task 1 and Task2 are available for some to do them, After Task 1 is completed I need to send a mail and in case of error sending the mail i need to retry every 6 hours. Task3 requires Task1 and Task2 done.

Other Specifications: I do not know if Task1 runs before than Task2 so i think it can't be made by throwing signals or events...