#Human Task

Is it possible to get task ID from API?


I created a dashboard page of an application.
I get a list of tasks based on the example :

../API/bpm/process?s=Modify Pending Vacation Request &p=0&c=1&o=version%20DESC&f=activationState=ENABLED

I would like to send the URL with taskId of each task.
for example,

On the page, is it possible to get taskId using persistenceId of each task?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Assign different tasks to different Authorities.

i am using Bonita Studio Community 7.8.3
now the challenge is i am trying to create a Process and assign different tasks to different approving authorities and i wouldnt be using the william.bates and the helen.kelly on the organisation as created inside the studio.

Assign user to Human task

Somehow I have been able to start the application and up to workflow level it runs fine and no problems. However I have another challenge, I am trying to assign a user to a Human task and it should be a user I have created to use in the BPM.

How can I assign a user and a passwword so that the user can login and view the task and approve or decline.

Image is as shown below.


How to Determine the Date when a task was assigned and when it was completed

I am trying to determine the dates when a task arrived to the group. When the task was assigned to a user and when the task was completed. This would help us in understanding how much time was the task lying open before someone worked on it.
I am using an Rest API to fetch that Data from the portal . /bonita/API/bpm/archivedHumanTask?p=0&c=100&f=caseId={{caseId}}&o=archivedDate%20ASC&o=displayName%20DESC

Here there are 3 seperate dates.
1) Assigned Date
2)Reached State Date
3) Archived Date

Update the field of bdm object while task remain to the current actor


I want to update one of the fields of my business object without submitting the task.
Actually, I want to add notes of my current task without submitting it.

Is there any method to do that, a POST call to call update query or something else.
I have read in the documentation that only SELECT queries are allowed.

Asad Shakeel

Assign parallel task to multiple groups and users


I have an interesting query: How can I have a human task be assigned and completed in a parallel way by a number of selected groups and/or users?

The idea is that the initiator would select a list of groups and specific users to assign a Human Task step to. Each group/user needs to be able to complete their copy of the task simultaneously to the others. The task should only be completed once everyone assigned has completed it.

Thanks in advance.