Human Task

process.html - JavaScript - not executing on multi-page

Hi there,

I have a problem with JavaScript **not executing **on my pages as follows: (needs knowledge of using browser console)

Process has a form ProcessF1

Four Human Tasks (separate tasks) have forms HumanF1, HumanF2, HumanF3, HumanF4

In my Process Application Resources/Look'n'Feel I have some JavaScript which I load in the page.html head (either by file or hard coded).

The JavaScript (as an example) is as follows:

Reading forms through the rest ui?

In order to build a flexible front end around Bonitasoft we need to be able to determine what variables a user task expects. I don't want to tightly couple my external web pages to the current version of a workflow because then I need to change the front end every time I change a diagram.

Rest API unassign task


In Rest API, How do I unassign a task to a user?

Thanks in advance Manolo

Getting a warning node not found in the forms definition file

Hi, the first time I tried bonita I created a diagram named XXX and now, every time I create a new diagram I get the following error:

WARNING [XMLApplicationFormDefAccessorImpl] The node for the form XXX--1.0--Step1$entry was not found in the forms definition file

Why is this happening? Also, why can't I start a flow with a service task? Why do I have to put a human task first?

Thank you

help human task


I'm new in Bonita BPM. I d like to design a new process like this :


I don't know how to write a human task like "Review Invoice" with request and reply message (point 2 of above process)

Can someone help me?

Regards Antonio