human tasks

Is there a way to run a task(call external api) when a certain task gets overdue

In my case i want to call an external api when a certain task is overdue. This is basically to send an email to the user saying that he need to attend that particular task. how can this be done?

REST api for HumanTask filter by process name?

I am using the humanTask REST API to display users with their pending tasks for a given process.

To do this I get the latest process definition based on process name. This gives me a processId that I then use in f=processId={{ processDef[0].id }} (not documented?).

Is there a way to filter on processName instead? The problem with my solution is that when I deploy a new version of the process I loose the humanTaskes for older definitions of the process.

Multiple Timers on a Human Task

We have a requirement where we need to have SLAs to be fired multiple times and do different actions on a single human task. How can we achieve this solution with Timer events?

Hide a task automatically

I'm currently developing a Human resources diagram for hiring people. Although the possiblity of failling is always present during the trials, I don't want to show the task of rejection until they have determined that the person failed at some point ( doesn't matter on which task they failed ).

Connectors and human tasks


It's my first process in BPM, so I have a doubt.

I am using DB connectors on human tasks, but it appears a message saying "the task should be a service to be comppatible with BPMN2". Can I use connectors on human tasks? or, Must I separate it in two tasks, one human and another service?