How to get all members for a select widget

I have a problem, I read the documentation but could not get it work.

My instantiation form should show all employees so that the user can select from the select widget.

How can I load a group of users into a select widget? I tried using API but could not find the right line to do it.

Could someone point me to a good example or write the API how to load the usernames and Ids?

Thank you in andvance!

Get TaskInstance Id


Currently i'm working on a proof of concept for my work.
I want a user taskList to load all the refused "requests" from a user inside my page. I did this with the API:

How i get a userTaskId?

I searched in Javadocs for a userTaskId method , and i dont find any direct method. its a value from 2 or more method calls? How i reach this value?
My objective is create a Tasks Shelf, anyone who take a task, can return it if dont wanna or simple view that task. and for that i needed a release task, the method needs userTaskId. and when take the task, another tasks became invisible until finish or return a task. using Hide Task method

Pass an id to an external application

Could i know how to pass an id from a Bonita form to an external application? I have a form in Bonita which generates a unique id. I want this id to be passed into the external application. I have an html widget with a link to the url. When the user clicks on it, the generated should be passed in it.

Can anybody let me know how it can be done?


Regards, Anand