Identity API

How to filter users by group and by job_title?

I want to know how to filter users by group_id and by job_title . Actually,I managed to display the users by group_id by using the Identity API, but when I try to make the filter with the job_title it doesn't work.

this is my URL : ../API/identity/user?p=0&c=10&o=lastname ASC&f=enabled=true&f=group_id=103&f=job_title=ExpertIT

Thanks in advance.

Identity Api inside a custom application page


Just needed some information .

Is it possible to use the Identity APi inside a Custom application page.

I am using a Custom App page to display business data. This page is not a part of the portal but a part of Bonita Living app.

Here I wanted to use the Api to find the username and other details .

Somehow its not responding here. Does not return any data .( am i doing something wrong)

Hence i was wondering if we could use this api as a part of our Designer page. ?

I am using Bonita 7.1.2

Adding some more information

Old user icon not removed after updated with REST API

I am uploading user icons through REST API.

It works as expected and on first run I get my 1170 files in tenant work/icons/users directory.

The problem is when I run a second time my job. All the icons get duplicated on disk... The old user icon should be deleted when it is updated.

Identity API and POST ?


I tried to add some user in my organisation with a UI Designer form.
For this purpose, I tried to use the Identity API.
But unfortunately, I don't understand how we can send an user information in POST.
I successfully found how we can get some user in a form (GET), but not how to send information (POST).

Any ideas ?

Thank you.