Exporting organization from portal


On exporting the organization from the portal, the passwords of the users are hashed in the XML. But when importing it into the studio, the users' passwords are replaced by their hash, which causes problems. Is there any way of importing an organization into the studio and not replacing their passwords?


Export/Import sur Bonita Studio Community 7.8


devant partager un diagramme avec d'autres personnes, j'ai essayé 3 méthodes pour le transférer :

  • clic droit sur le diagramme > Exporter > laisser uniquement la case "diagramme cochée" > Terminer et l'importer sur le 2ème PC Fichier > Importer > Archive BOS
    => message d'erreur "Créé avec une édition Souscription, incompatible avec cette édition Communauté" alors que j'ai bien la même version sur les 2 ordis

    Bonita Community Edition
    Version : 7.8.0
    Build id : 7.8.0.

Can't import BOS file from the same version

I have been trying to import a BOS file from a project that was exported in the same day from the same PC and now it says:
"Designed with a Subscription edition. Incompatible with Community edition"
I never had a subscription edition, I installed bonita last week so no update was made
I am using bonita 7.8.0

How to import BMPN file

how to import BPMN file into modeler? I don't have in options. Am I missing something?
My version: BonitaBPMCommunity-7.5.1-x86_64


import/use connector in boundary timer

I want to use a connector that calculates a duration in order to use it in a boundary timer event. if I use the connector in a task all works as it should, but when I try to import it (using groovy script) in a boundary timer it fails every time, with the following error:

Import organisation from csv file


there is a way to import the full organisation from a csv source file into Bonitasoft ?

Compagny , group , sub group , user , manager ..


Import fom BonitaSoft 6.5 .bos file to BonitaSoft 7.2.1 is missing scripts


I want to import some .bos files from BonitaSoft 6.5 to 7.2.1.

Now if I try to Build the file, I get an error, saying:
Condition expression "action == 2" failed to export left operand:

After research I found this entry:

Problem importing a Bizagi model into Bonita community edition 7.2

I am trying to import a model exported from (supposedly) supported Bizagi modeler. I select BPMN 2.0 as the file format and browse to the Bizagi export file. After few seconds I get "Import successfully completed" message, but no diagram opens.

Log contains this:

Importing a new process

Hi everybody, my question is: when I import a new process (.boss) it replace all my other business models that I created before, is there a way to do a merge or something so I don´t lose my other models?
Thnx in advance!

Connectors packaging: how to package various connectors in a single zip


we currently have a set of connectors that have exactly the same jar dependencies, and that represents a kind of connectors library.

Is there a way to load them togethers in a single .zip (or whatever extensions) file (avoiding duplicating the libraries in the packaged file) into Bonitasoft?

Best regards.