Export/Import sur Bonita Studio Community 7.8


devant partager un diagramme avec d'autres personnes, j'ai essayé 3 méthodes pour le transférer :

  • clic droit sur le diagramme > Exporter > laisser uniquement la case "diagramme cochée" > Terminer et l'importer sur le 2ème PC Fichier > Importer > Archive BOS
    => message d'erreur "Créé avec une édition Souscription, incompatible avec cette édition Communauté" alors que j'ai bien la même version sur les 2 ordis

    Bonita Community Edition
    Version : 7.8.0
    Build id : 7.8.0.

Can't import BOS file from the same version

I have been trying to import a BOS file from a project that was exported in the same day from the same PC and now it says:
"Designed with a Subscription edition. Incompatible with Community edition"
I never had a subscription edition, I installed bonita last week so no update was made
I am using bonita 7.8.0

How to import BMPN file

how to import BPMN file into modeler? I don't have in options. Am I missing something?
My version: BonitaBPMCommunity-7.5.1-x86_64


import/use connector in boundary timer

I want to use a connector that calculates a duration in order to use it in a boundary timer event. if I use the connector in a task all works as it should, but when I try to import it (using groovy script) in a boundary timer it fails every time, with the following error:

Import organisation from csv file


there is a way to import the full organisation from a csv source file into Bonitasoft ?

Compagny , group , sub group , user , manager ..


Import fom BonitaSoft 6.5 .bos file to BonitaSoft 7.2.1 is missing scripts


I want to import some .bos files from BonitaSoft 6.5 to 7.2.1.

Now if I try to Build the file, I get an error, saying:
Condition expression "action == 2" failed to export left operand:

After research I found this entry:

Problem importing a Bizagi model into Bonita community edition 7.2

I am trying to import a model exported from (supposedly) supported Bizagi modeler. I select BPMN 2.0 as the file format and browse to the Bizagi export file. After few seconds I get "Import successfully completed" message, but no diagram opens.

Log contains this:

Importing a new process

Hi everybody, my question is: when I import a new process (.boss) it replace all my other business models that I created before, is there a way to do a merge or something so I don´t lose my other models?
Thnx in advance!

Connectors packaging: how to package various connectors in a single zip


we currently have a set of connectors that have exactly the same jar dependencies, and that represents a kind of connectors library.

Is there a way to load them togethers in a single .zip (or whatever extensions) file (avoiding duplicating the libraries in the packaged file) into Bonitasoft?

Best regards.

.bar file contains multiple processes from diagram? How do I export a single process within a diagram?

I have a single diagram with multiple processes within it. Using the export function I created .bar files for each process within the diagram.

I send a single .bar file to a collegue and he tried to import this single .bar file. But when he did, he got the full diagram that i made, with all the processes, instead of just the single process associated with the .bar file i gave him.