Recommended platform por production

Hello. In my organization i've been tasked with setting up bonita platform 7.10.

I've briefly gone over the platform installation guides and I'd say, details aside, that everything makes sense and it's more or less clear.

Load and edit a form


I have a form so that when the user initiates a case he can carry all their information from the organization in the Bonita Portal. This information should automatically be displayed in all required fields on the form, but if the user wants to change something, must be enabled to edit the fields. Does anyone know how I can load this information and that in turn can be editable? I'd appreciate your help.



Bonita Portal: Logging in from a Different Computer


I have two users: One Employee; One Manager.

I'm going to be demo'ing my little program for a class in the coming days and was wondering two things:

How would I go about logging into the Employee on one computer and the Manager on another and still have the process work?

And is there a way for forms to instantly be seen when sending between the two without having to click "My tasks" or "To do"? As in the Employee sends a form, and it pops up automatically in the Manager's task list?.

Get the name of the person who has completed a stage in the portal Bonita

Hi everyone,
I created a form for a vacation request, has several stages of decision and in some fields you need to provide the name of the person who completed the previous stage or revised in the portal Bonita, to be displayed in a field just reading in the next step. An example would be the default admin "Walter Bates' who would complete the task to review and be shown in the next step as the person who completed the previous task in read-only mode. As you might know someone do this?