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Unexpected BPM portal after deploy installation

Edit: The problem of logging with another user account is solved. To clarify, the only tabs I can see in Bonita BPM 7 portal are: "BPM Services", "Organization", "Business Data Model" and "Resources". Where is the tab for app installation?

Dear Bonita BPM Community.

BUG: When Server restart , Apps data are clean , have to initialize all again .

hello, i have already installed tomcat server and there are many web app running on . i download Bonita deployment package and configure it , Bonita is properly worked , i installed one app on portal ass well.

but when i restart tomcat server , portal become clean , all installed app are clear and all cases erased . all become as like new it is not well known behavior of any app.

anything i missed on configuration .? or any thing i done wrong ?

can you please suggest what should i do ?

regards kandarp

Request timeout when installing new App

Anyone had problems when installing a new App getting the Request Timeout error ?
I am getting this error every time I try to install a new App after uploading the proccess .bar file and clicking on "Install" button.
Someone to help?

Thanks in advance!