installation of BOS 5.10.2 in MacOs MOJAVE

Hello, I need to install version 5.10.2 on the macos mojave system, but I can't finish the installation with the available package.

I already installed JAVA 1.6, but it didn't work! Is there any way to install this version on Mojave?


Step by Step Tomcat Bundle Installation Ubuntu 16

I am having a tricky time installing the application to a production(not using H2) environment using the Tomcat Bundle (Ubuntu). Is there a video resource that shows a step by step process of installing the application, as i couldnt find one on the site, or one start to page. The one found in the guidelines is un clear in certain places especially seeing as i am new to most of this.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

How to install Bonita bundle with WildFly App Server on Windows Server 2012?

Hello, guys!
I have some troubles installing BonitaBPM Community 7.4.0 with WildFly 10.1.0. I'm trying to install it on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and integrate it to work with MS SQL Server. The thing that I don't get is what it works. I installed first the MS SQL Server and after that I downloaded from Bonita's website the bundle with the WildFly app server. Should I download and install the WildFly server before to run the start-bonita.bat file? Also I found a lot of mismatches in this file according to my computer and I changed it. Is that normal?

Which Java version is required for Bonita Studio?

I am quoting from :

"Java The JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to used by default. JRE will be used when compiling and running Java code."

Would it be possible to mention in the documentation which version of Java is required?

No more service.bat ! How install bonita server as an windows service ?


In precedent version of bonita server, there was a service.bat in bin directory which was to install and then manage the start and stop for bonita server.

So how can we acheve this since there is no more the service.bat and jbosssvc.exe in bin directory...

Thanks for response.

Installation 7.3.0 : Shuting down the server log a ResourceException


At shuting down the bonita server the problem log in boot.log is :

Bonita installation on Unix OS


What is the experience in the installation of Bonita 7.2 on CentOS 7 ?

Alternative to other Linux/Unix distributions than those in the software requirements described ?


Is there a SIMPLE getting started howto for the community version?

I wnat to test BPM but it's verry frustrating! There is no documentation that work! There is always some hole or so in the docs...
I tried countless getting started that I found on the but they just don't work!
The last I'm trying out is :

[RESOLVED] Running headless Bonita Community engine on Linux

Hi there,

I'm new to BonitaBPM and would like to bench the Community Edition and check for its usability, performance, etc.

I'm quite lost in the installation process as I would like to have the sole engine deployed on tomcat (on Linux CentOS) without any local eclipse installation as I would like to have Ecplise on a separate machine.

Deploying the webapp by itself leads to an automatic shutdown.

How can I get around this problem ? Can anyone provide me with some information and/or tutorial resources, please ?

automation of installation of Bonita Portal

From time to time I install Bonita Portal with the same configuration on a server. In my case it is very time consuming. Usually I spend about 3 hours on it.

Are there some ways to automate installation process? Which one do you use?