installation problems

Which version of Java is best for Bonita Studio 7.9

I need to know which version of Java to use in the Installation BonitaStudioCommunity-7.9.4-x86_64.
Thanks in advance

An error occurred while reseting engine.

I wanted to change the default H2 database to MySQL database, so I followed this instruction .
After configuring the properties files, I used command line to start-bonita.bat, and I have some error messages like this one.

2017-02-07 14:20:00.396 -0500 SEVERE: org.apache.catalina.core.StandardService Failed to initialize connector [Connector[HTTP/1.1-8080]]
org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException: Failed to initialize component [Connector[HTTP/1.1-8080]]

Community edition + Tomcat + MySQL installation problems

I installed the application as described in the documentation and have two issues, or misunderstandings.

The first is that I am not able to login to the portal with the platformAdmin account, but I can with the tenantAdmin account. I followed the directions for changing platformAdminUsername and
platformAdminPassword in .../engine-server/conf/platform/

Basic installation problem

Hi everyone, still new with the Bonita Community edition, and ran to an installation problem, as attached


I'm on the Bonita Community Edition, running on MacOSX

Database Support Community Edition

Does the Community version support Oracle Database as the Application Data Store (replacing the default H2) or does Oracle support only come as part of the subscription product?

Windows 7 64 bit/ Tomcat (separate install) / Deploy Bundle 7.1

Unexpected BPM portal after deploy installation

Edit: The problem of logging with another user account is solved. To clarify, the only tabs I can see in Bonita BPM 7 portal are: "BPM Services", "Organization", "Business Data Model" and "Resources". Where is the tab for app installation?

Dear Bonita BPM Community.

Bonita BPM 7.0 new install with EMPTY Profiles


I have installed the last version according to the documentation using default H2 database without any problems.

When I repeated the installation but changing the database to MySql, I could have almost everything done. The profiles are empty! And as the community version does not permit the creation of profiles, I'm stuck.

My question: The h2 database is filled with initial data (users, profiles, etc). And what about Mysql and other, is it filled with initial data? Why my initial data is empty?

The log says:

Running Bonitasoft 6.5 on WildFly 8.2


I am trying to run BonitaSoft 6.5 on WildFly 8.2.

Why? BonitaSoft 6.5 should work with Java 8. JBoss AS 7 does not work with Java 8, as you can read in this post. So, I still would like to run on an Application Server, I have to upgrade to WildFly 8, which works perfectly with Java 8.

Install problem on macosx Yosemite and Java 8 enviroment

I now that BonitaBPMNCommunity Studio is not compatible with Java 8 but how can I install anyway Bonita? I must keep Java 8 because of any other software but I'm open to install any other new component but after Java 8 installation any other Java install says I have a newer version plus Bonita says not running because I have Java 8. It is deadlock but I want to use Bonita very much. How is it possible? Thank you in advance. George

BUG: When Server restart , Apps data are clean , have to initialize all again .

hello, i have already installed tomcat server and there are many web app running on . i download Bonita deployment package and configure it , Bonita is properly worked , i installed one app on portal ass well.

but when i restart tomcat server , portal become clean , all installed app are clear and all cases erased . all become as like new it is not well known behavior of any app.

anything i missed on configuration .? or any thing i done wrong ?

can you please suggest what should i do ?

regards kandarp