supported features in Bonita

Mysql Integration Issue

Hi all, I need to integrate Bonita with mysql to handle the engine data and the business data, for this I follow the instructions of following sections of documentation:
Tomcat bundle installation
Platform configuration
Database configuration for engine data
Database configuration for business data

Anyway while I try to create any business object, ("Development" menu "Business Data Model" Option "Manage" suboptión ), i.e., add a business object and press finish button it appears the following error:

Is it possible to start a process instance from a web application

I have the following situtation:

1 - A web portal of an organization has a feature that records customer orders;
2 - Whenever a request is received It's necessary to start an organizational process to treat the order generated;

What It's already done:
1 - The web portal already exists;
2 - We designed a process to treat the order;

Now I want do link both in a way that every order generates it's own process instance.

Web API new case error

Hi everyone,
like said by Sean I'm trying to use Web Api to connect to Bonita BPM Engine. I'm trying to start a process by creating (please correct me if I'm doing wrong) a new case. I'm using the sample process "create supplier", using postman chrome plugin as a client for Web API.

This that follow the Json used for the request:

Bonita Engine .NET App Integration

Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to integrate Bonita BPM into the process workflow of an existing application. The application is built upon an AngularJS client application, a .NET layer provide access through Web API to an existing Oracle Database.

My question is if is possible to use Bonita BPM to configure the application workflow and the business process, living the current User Interface relaying on the existing UI.

Programming languages

Hi, which programming languages does Bonita BPM supports?

Continue a process after a call from external (web) application


I've just started using Bonita in my project, so I was wondering if the thing I'm trying to implement is possible (I'm sure it is, just not sure what would be the best way to do it)

I have a pretty simple process:

1) After a timer goes off bonita should create a ticket in our issue tracking system (there should be no problem here i believe, we can add a new entry to the external database, right?). 2) When ticket's owner changes ticket's status the process should continue.

Store business data in an external database ?

Hi all,

I'm curious about the exact reasons storing business data in an external database instead of process variables is a best practice recommended by BonitaSoft.

From what I can read in the documentation and the questions/answers, I see two reasons for this :

Use JPA to store business data

Hi all,

I plan to use (read/write) some business data stored in an external database from a Bonita process. I'd like to use an ORM (such as Hibernate) and annotate my entities with JPA annotations.

I wonder if anybody had already tried to embed some entites in a process ? Should I expect some dependencies conflicts (Hibernate is already embedded in Bonita) ?

A better practice might be to handle my data access in a separate web application and accessing it with a hand-made REST API ?

Any idea ?

Best regards

How to integrate Bonita BPM in my Information System?

I would like to develop processes and applications that interact with my current Information System.

What are the different ways to do that with Bonita BPM