Guardar Datos en Loop.

Buenos días! Necesito ejecutar en forma repetitiva tres tareas A->B->C. Primero se ejecuta la tarea A y los datos ingresados son utilizados por la tarea B y C. Quise usar multi-instanciación secuencial y no lo logré ya que, luego de evaluar una condición, debo ejecutar nuevamente la tarea A sin esperar a que las tareas B y C de la primera iteración estén finalizadas. Los datos ingresados en la segunda iteración de la tarea A serán utilizados por la tarea B y C de la segunda iteración y así sucesivamente hasta que se cumpla la condición de corte.

Iterating a human task

I use a human task to poll users and add the data collected to a Business variable via an operation. Everything works properly for the first user, but the business variable is not getting initialized for subsequent users. I can work around this by putting the Human Task in a sub-process.

loop over multiple process at a time


I am unable to understand how to loop over multiple process at a time?
For example,
Using 7.0.1:

Connector output to ProcessVariable and then to connector input


I have a connector which sets the output to a ProcessVariable of type List.
Is there any way to loop a process (secondConnector) until the input processVariable data index becomes 0... ? and dynamically stores each value to another processVariable(used as an input for looping/second process)...


Get the instance number

Hi everyone,

I have a task which is iterative using a list. I need a variable which indicates the number (id) of the active instance of the task (1 for the first instance, 2 for the second instance, ...)

Is there any way I can have that variable ?

Maybe using the sequential multi-instantiation and the variable set to numberOfCompletedInstances +1 ? Is there a solution for the parallel multi-instantiation?

Thank you :)