How to use process variable's list in a called process?

I have a process variable 'q_list' that contains a list of questions. I want each question to be answered parallelly by a group of users, so I'm making a new process and call the new process parallelly, and make an iterator that points to q_list.
My question is, how do I access the iterator in the called process, in order to display each question in the called process parallelly (display it in a form)?

without using subprocess, can we instantiate Gateways multiple times?

in Bonita v 7.0.1,
I am trying to avoid my subprocess, as the count of subprocess increased.
I need to make it in to one flow, can anyone help me..!

Cancel a call or an email connector?

Hi there,

I have a iterative call to a process that sends emails. based on data in variables, how do I either cancel the instance of iteration or how do I say do not send the email msg?

For example my iterator says, send send send donotsend send send.

Yes I could have code that says if donotsend do not add to iterator, but I want to know if there is a "break" in the call step or a "cancel" switch...for the connector

Thanks and regards, Seán