.jar dependency

Jar file didn't build properly

I updated Bonitastudio 7.4.3 to 7.6.3
When I imported Bos file from the previous version, the dependency didn't work and has an error.

I imported jar by Manage jars and configured Process dependencies and Application dependencies.

Even I try to put jar file into tomcat_bundle_Home\webapps\bonita\WEB-INF\lib
based on the answer: https://community.bonitasoft.com/questions-and-answers/solved-where-add-...

how do i use my custom connector inside the restApi

hi guys
i have connector for create log inside of business data ( my connector start process for save new log)
i have restapi . the duty of this rest api is to assign and unassign task to specific user .
i want to use that connector inside of this rest api so i can have the assign logs .
i exported that connector and add as dependency inside of rest api dependencies


and i copy the jar file in side of this folder